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Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm back, and I'm Ugly - So Watch Out!!

Thank you everyone.

I won't say that I have cleared up my problems, 'cause it just wouldn't be true.

It may take a long time. I'm off to see a shrink in the morning. It'll be my first visit every to a Fruedian type, so it should be an interesting experience.

I'll let you know the outcome later tomorrow.


Saturday, November 10, 2007


Sorry, can't post at the moment.

I'll be back when I can. Got bad problems - I think it may be depression, so I'm going to see a doctor about it to see what help I can get.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

What a Fiasco Oz Idol Has Become

Listen to the Judges comments! They are so obviously trying to make the best of a bad situation. I don't think they wanted the competition to go this way. And they probably have less say in the matter than you or I realise.

Behind their words it is easy to see that they realise that with the eliminations of contestants in previous weeks they are now left with only one contender for the title of Oz Idol 2007. And how do you string it out for another couple of weeks when everone knows who's going to win?

What a miserably, ridiculous and futile competition it has become!

If anyone tried to convince me that the competition is not rigged, I'd have to say that they are blind, because it is so bloody obvious.

I've; sadly; lost a lot of interest and respect for Idol after the last few years.

Some of the really good contenders seem to be eliminated in favour of the less talented. And the final counts are (sometimes) a fiasco.

Is there someone behind the scenes pulling strings and manipulating the votes of the Oz public? If so it has to stop! Now!

When a young artist of the calibre of Tarisai, who has completely knocked me over week after week is eliminated in the third last week of the competition, so that we are left with 2 maybe's and a sure thing is very evident of tampering behind the scenes.

Believe me this is not uncommon when there is no publicly available information readily available on the real results of the phone vote.

We are left to believe that what we see as the final 'people's decision' is what really took place, and I don't; for one; believe it!

There is just too much left to doubt! The way things stand, people behind the scenes can fiddle without anyone knowing.

Too many people in the background, may be getting a few thousand slapped in their hand to screw the results. How are we ever to know?

The only way to keep this valuable competition honest is for the public to impose more strict rules on openly reporting the results of votes that the public make.

That then would have to be an independant organization compiling the votes too keep it honest. Ok! This may take away some of the suspense that the show uses to build user interest. But that's just too bad for them. The end game is honesty, and that is what is totally missing from the Oz Idol competition.

It seems to me that the only benifiters of the phone voting are the phone companies themselves. (WOW, surprise surprise). We are charged a fee for every call we make to vote! And I'm not too sure but, do you think the phone companies care what we vote? No, they only want people to make more phone calls don't they! That's where their revenue comes from.

It seems to me that if we go to the trouble and expense to vote on these competitions, then we should get some value for money by getting feedback about the votes that we make for each performer! But WE ARE NOT GETTING IT ARE WE? (If the phone companies were realy smart, they would push this, because, if you could see the running totals of the votes, and you see that your favourite is not at the top, guess what? Yeah, you'd put in another vote or two and generate a bit more revenue for those companies. But they're not that smart are they!).

Regardless of the voting public, I believe someone behind the scenes with their own agenda is screwing the votes, so our money is wasted. We spend it. They squander it for their own ends, AND IT HAS TO STOP NOW!

I invite your comments. Let me know what you think. Am I wrong? Or am I right?

Understand that I am not pushing for any particular artist. I just want to see a fair and impartial competition. You're opinion is important!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Our Man Douga Is A Man OF Hidden Strengths

I have just visited Doug's site for the second time. I didn't take the time to read his post the first time, but I did this time.

I was so ashamed of my first comment that I removed it. In light of what I read I could not justify such a bland comment that didn't even speak of what Doug wrote about.

I strongly urge my friends to read Doug's post, where Doug has given us a unique look into his soul.

Good on you Doug and God bless. And thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Comment Word Verification

I Turned Off the word verification for comments. It was more of a nuisance than anything. If there comes a time when it's needed to defeat robots, then I'll enable it again.

At first I thought that it was a better behaved device than the one on BB, but this has not turned out to be true. Several times, I have been sure that I typed in the correct code, only to be made to enter a new one. So it's likely that all the word verification systems time out to further defeat robots and alike. Trouble is they also defeat us poor imperfect bloggers.