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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Anyone know what's happening with Grotty?

I've been a bit worried about Grotty. She doesn't respond to any of the messages that I leave on her sites.

I just sent her an email and hope to hear back from her.

It's sad that people drop out of circulation. I know I did for a few years. I missed talking to people, but I was sufferring from depression at the time and couldn't even put two consecutive words together, let alone put a post on any of my sites.

I hope that Grotty comes back - I miss her wit and the conversations that we used to have.

Grotty was the first person that I ever spoke to on BigBlog. She was the one that took the time to welcome me there and introduce me to some of the other people on the Blog at that time. (We need to have more people like Grotty. And especially, we need to have Grotty!)

If she hadn't done that, I would probably not have carried through with my first block, and have dropped out of site without ever talking to the friends that I have met here.

Sometimes Grotty is kinky and strange, and at other times she is completely down-to-earth. She is a rare mixture of fun and love for all the things that she does - besides being a darned better photographer the I am.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ever tried Muvee products?

I'm currently creating a photo show for a friend who's Son is about to turn 21.

I've done a lot of these over the years, especially for Birthdays, and I'ver tried out many products. I have a preferrence for applications that give you the most control of the final product, because all of the automatic show producers that I've used have left a lot to be desired.

I visited an old friend (one that I hadn't seen for nearly 40 years and found out recently that he lives 5 minutes away from where I live) who has similar hobbies to mine. He introduced me to a product called 'Muvee Autoproducer'. This is another product that is intended to make a compilation of photos and videos into a show with minimal effort from you. However, this product does quite a respectable job on its own [unlike all the others that I've tried] and also allows you to tweak things to suit your own tastes.

I downloaded the trial version, tried it out, and was extremely pleased with the result.

The resulting video is as close as anything I've ever done to what appraoches a professional job. I recommend you giving it a trial run and see for yourself.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Microsoft IE 8 Fiasco


I downloaded and installed the latest (and supposedly greatest) Internet Explorer from Microsoft last week.

Now, I can't say that I've ever experienced the problems with any of the previous versions of IE that I have with version 8, my memory is at times faulty, but I'm pretty sure that it has NEVER completely locked up all the open windows on the screen in such a way that I had a need to access Task Manager to resolve the problem (that is, open Task Manager to close down the offending application - IE-8).

After this had happened a number of times, I decided to revert back to the previous version -IE7. Uh-Uh, can't do.

In the first place, unlike other applications that are to reside on Windows, and which Microsoft demands have a roll-back plan to ensure that users aren't left in a no-win situation, Microsoft themselves - it seems - do not place any priority on customer satisfaction (unless you refer to the extensive - multi page - feedback system that I went through and I think don't believe they even think to access the feedback from).

They have not only - NOT provided an uninstall for IE8, you can't even install IE7 over the top to roll-back. In fact when I tried to roll-back to the previous version that I have been using for 6 months on my new Vista 64-bit system (by the way, the version of IE8 that I installed was tailored for Vista 64-bit) I got a message on the screen that said that this version of IE was not applicable to this version of the operating system (i.e. Windows Vista 64-bit).
I have to ask myself then, how in the hell:

1. How did the PC provider (DELL) install IE7 on Vista 64-bit if it IE7 is not applicable to that system?

2. Why did MS not supply a version of IE7 that WAS applicable to - their own new OS Vista 64-bit. (In fact they supplied both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and both versions were installed on my system when I received it,, so I guess this begs another question doesn't it).

3. If IE7 WAS (and definitely was) installed on my PC, why can't I roll back to that version??????

4. Since both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of IE7 were installed on my system when it was received, why Oh why can't I just roll back and not be told that IE 7 is not appropriate for this bloody PC??????

If you have an answer to ANY or ALL these questions, you should be in charge of MS because they have NO ANSWERS AT ALL.

I went through a lengthy feedback survey, and got to the final page where it said that MS 'WILL GET BACK TO ME WITH AN ANSWER' and I'll bet their answer is just more bloody questions (some of which I've already answered for sure).

If you have had a similar problem with IE 8, I would appreciate your comments.

Now, you know why I'm called Grumpy - ??

Grumpy - 18/06/09

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Facebook | Terrence Dunn

Facebook Terrence Dunn: ""

Eddie Estrada and band at Turkish Restaraunt Brunswick

Eddie Estrada and his band at a Turkish Restaraunt in Brunswick. Eddie is a workmate of Lorna's. We went to the restaraunt to watch his band and this is an extract.

I hope you enjoy it.