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Thursday, January 17, 2008

hOoRAy - The Grotty Boat Lady Has Materialised at last


You took your time, but the wait has been well worth while judging by your first post!

Up to date, we've been able to keep our blogs fairly non-messy over here on BS, but I guess we can all look forward to doing some necessary clean-ups now that you're here to grot things a bit (LOL).

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.

Keep on keeping on Grotty one. There's much you can do with your Blogger site. It takes a while to catch on to all the facilities, but there are plenty of people to help you out if your stuck. In some cases Blogger is a bit harder to use that BB for some things, but BS is much more flexible in my opinion. It does take a bit of effort to learn how to do some of the more exotic things, but there is an extensive help system available. For an example of what you are able to do, take a look at Elizabeth's Site to get some ideas.

DOn't get too frustrated about not finding people. They'll find you, and from there, you can follow the links on their sites to other people.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yet Another Test

This is simply a test post to see what sort of resolution I can get out of a low-res Quicktime file. The animation was created in After Effects CS3 then rendered to a QT .mov file then uploaded to this post direct.

Blogger then re-encodes the video to mp4 for inclusion in the post.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Phew - Now that that's all over with.....

Hope you all had a good time celebrating Christmas, New Year, and the fact that you are now going to be another year older.

Boy the years fly by as you start to grow hair in and on your ears.

It seems that the 2 things that continue to grow on the human body are the nose, and the ears. Have a look at people around the age of 70. All ears and nose. Now I have the same things in common with them. Heck!

Anyway, Lorna, Michael and I had a few friends down for the traditional BBQ on Boxing Day. Couldn't do it Christamas day 'cause we were both working in a nursing home. We all had a traditional Good Time. Michael and my other son Paul Drank most of the beer - 1-1/2 slabs between the three of us. Michael has now been crowned #1 Dunn Piss Pot.

Last night was New Years Eve, and I abstained except for 2 stubbies. Michael managed to down 14. Once again confirming his title.

If he buggars up my internet conection again this month, I'm a'gonna cut him off at the knees. (that's the only way I could ever reach high enough to pat him GENTLY on the head!!!). He ran me out of download resources, watching bloody u-tube videos last month. That's why I haven't been posting.

All has settled down and I'm enjoying my 4th stubby for the arvo (or is it 5th? Ah well, who's countin' anyways, burp).

All the best to you all. Hope it's a good year for you.