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Thursday, March 18, 2010

What a joke Bigpond Bigblog is

I decided that I would duplicate the last post that I just put on this site on my BigBlog. However, I had to change the wording somewhat and here's the joke - BigBlog said that 'Broadband' was a naughty word, so I had to change it to 'Internet'. But BigBlog didn't mind me using the word 'Bloody' (which is commonly used as a swear word by Ozies).

I can't find anything objectionable about the word 'Broadband' - can you?

So in future - like I said before - I'm giving BB a BLOODY BIG MISS. I'm deleting my blog on BB for good so I am not tempted to try again, it's just a waste of time.

Thanks for listening to such a Grumpy bugga (Buggar or Bugga refering to Buggary, which in court is referred to as 'The abominable Crime Of Buggary' refers to a sextual act between to males involing penetration of the anal sphincter, and is also used as a swear work - I must try it out on BB, Oh! shit no! Not again)

Grumpy as usual.

Cable Broadband not What it should be

I've been using cable Interenet now for a number of years and I've found that, though you get great download speeds, the upload speed is limited about 3.4% of the download speed as shown in this picture taken from a test at

In most cases this doesn't make much of an impact, but recently I bought myself a webcam and joined Skype. Now the upload speed is significant because your upload speed limits the quality of both your video and audio.

It appears that my connection upload speed causes dropouts on both the video and especially the audio.

I will be taking up this issue with Bigpond today to findout WHY, with an expensive connection with a superb download speed, I am limited to such a bloody awful upload speed. I'll get back and post again when I find out the answer to this and let you know what transpired.

Bloody Grumpy (as usual)