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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We've moved house

Created: 15/11/2011

Update: 17/11/2011

Hi all.

Lorna and I have moved into a new house. After 21 years in the old house we decided to sell up and move.

We're just 10 minutes drive from the old location, but closer to shopping, public transport etc. Public transport is important to me since I don't have a car to drive (we are a 1 car family)....

Lots of work to do at the new house. It's about 6 years old and very good condition inside and out, but without any of the nice things that Lorna and I like.

We moved in on the 17th September. Here's a list of the work done or to be done so far:

  1. New light fittings, - done
  2. Shelves in garage to hold un-needed stuff from old house (have to have a garage sale soon) - done
  3. Towel racks, toothbrush holders, shelves and medicine chest in both ensuite and bathroom - done
  4. A new toilet-roll holder in the toilet - done
  5. New external lights on front porch, back sideway, and outside the garage - done
  6. Movement sensors for the above - done
  7. Movement sensor to the inside of the garage so the light comes on automatically (needed since the light switch is installed in such a bad place, i.e. behind the door for heaven's sake) - done
  8. Lanscaped the front and side gardens - done)
  9. New alarm system (still underway)
  10. New Stratco Pagola (almost completed)
  11. New power point in living area - done
  12. New power point in 3rd bedroom - done
  13. Relocate TV antenna outlet to other side of wall (antenna outlet was in the kitchen!#$%) - done
  14. New wireless internet and accessories to get both desktops connected to same - done
  15. Landfill to front nature strip - done
  16. Stratco fence to one front yard - to do
  17. Rendered brick fence to other front yard. (It's a corner block) - to do
  18. Stratco garden shed - to do
  19. Replace wooden fence next to garage with Stratco fence - to do
  20. Install ducted Airconditioning - done
Here's a photo of the front before and after:

Before Images - (Google street view)

After Images (iPhone4)

I'm going to keep updating this post for my own convenience so that I can keep track of the work that I've done. You might like to check back from time-to-time to see how the work progresses.