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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I've got Animal Mania


  1. I particularly enjoy the photo of the silky terrier and the parrot. Typifies parrots and their smart alecky attitude which I so love. Kind regards, Elizabeth

  2. Thanks Elizabeth (or do you prefer Lizzie?)

    I love the kitten sleeping under the ear of the Bloodhound.

    These photos were sent to me via email by a friend of mine. She often comes up with gems like these. I've been trying to get her to start a blog, but with no luck so far.

  3. Hi Terry, I like the kitten under the bloodhound on too.
    Some good ones in your last post also, I liked the big dog & the little dog.
    Ok the parrot and the silky is good too.
    P.S. I like it when I can delete my comments on other peoples comments.

  4. Hello Terry,
    They are all good.
    Amazing how people have their camera ready at the right time.
    Take care,

  5. Morning Terry....
    Animals are such a joy to have around...They all have different personalities, just like

  6. G'day Doug, Margaret and Mandy.

    I've missed many opportunities to take pictures of Tiger in various comical poses, and I must say that you need to have your camera ready all the time if you want to snap some of the more comical ones cos they usually don't last long enough for you to get the camera out and ready.

    I've got a few more that I haven't posted yet, so I probably will before I move on to other things.

    I must look through my photo collection for some pics of Tiger.

  7. Even though I'll be repeating some photos that I put on BP, I'm going to post them here, coz so far only Doug and Grotty have seen them over there - they're just too good to miss.


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