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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cat Mania - more of my favourite cat photos

I've posted some of these on BigBlog already, so I'm sorry for the repeat. I've added a few more to keep it interesting for Doug and Grotty.

Doing these photo posts on both sights shows up the differences in the ease of posting photos. BS is much more user friendly for posting pics that is BP.

'I suppose you think this is funny!'


Practicing his balancing act!


'Don't even ask!!!'

'Oh yeah - Bloody hilarious!'

A-head of the rest

Bird Almanac?

The look on the dog's face says it all!



'What canary?'

'I've heard it before - but it still cracks me up!'

Disney couldn't do any better than this!


  1. Afternoon,
    that is still funny. I wonder if they know that they are bieing funny?
    Do not go to my blogspot blog. I put a photo of a woman with worms in her brain on it.
    He had a Post saying how bad humans were and so I wanted to show how many creatures live in and on us. Goggle blew that I tell you.
    How is your head? Stitches out yet?
    Hmmm.This comment did not go in. Here we go again.

  2. Hi Grotty - timeful as ever you picked exactly the time that I would return from the doc, he has taken my stiches out and now my brain is dragging on the floor --- OK well not quite that bad --- it just feels that way. Actually, it wasn't the doc it was a pretty nurse that I have had an affair --- no that I've worked with at the hospital. Saddly to say that she doesn't remember me..... she was probably drunk or sumpin.

    I must go and look at your worms@#$%^ Oh sorry -- that didn't sound too good did it? I mean your wormy web site -- Oh gosh -- that's not very good either. Oh well, it's all your fault as usual!!!

    Finally, I have to inform you that your comment DID go in as expected, after all -- this is NOT BB is it. And when oh when are you going to take that blasted verification off of your BS site??????????????????? I have asked and asked to no avail. You blissfully ignore my traumas, and go on your way without a second thought for me. You know I cannot tell one letter from another - it must be evident!

    AND Pray tell, when are you going to atart your grotting up of our sights in your own delightful manner??? When??? I've been waiting and waiting so that I can follow suite, but since you introduced me to all this, I must follw where the master leads. -- get on with it!!!!!


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