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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Messy cleanup for the local council

The Christmas Day hail storm left many of the gum trees in the local streets in tatters. I put through a call to Parks and Gardens the following day asking them to do something about the huge gum tree branch that landed across our front garden. They came today to do the cleanup - 8 days and 2 followup calls later.

I asked if they were going to trim off the branches that are hanging down from the trees as these will probably come down in the thunder storm expected tonight. 'We're much too busy to do that at the moment. We'll have to come back.' was their response.

It seems to me that, since they are already on-site with all their equipment, it's false economy to leave work unfinished and need to return to do it. We are talking about maybe 5 minutes to do the job.

No wonder council rates sky-rocket every year. I wonder also if any organisation can squander money as well as local councils do.

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  1. Maybe they could get some 'work for the dole' people to do some clean up work.


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